Tracking Kentucky wildfires: Estill County

ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Around 50 acres have burned in Estill County, and the smoke is causing a haze in downtown Irvine, not far from the hospital.

In all, 14 wildfires in 12 eastern Kentucky counties are burning.

The largest is in Clay County, where 100 acres have burned so far.

The fire in Estill County is visible from almost all of downtown Irvine.

Forestry officials told WKYT Thursday night they had hoped to have it contained by Friday morning, but they tell us it could be awhile longer.

They're currently taking down some hot spots, and conditions are very dry.

We're told crews will be bringing a bulldozer with them to help create a fire line. City firefighters are also on the scene.

No homes are in danger yet, keeping a close eye on them.

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