Tracking snow for Valentine's Day

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As one storm exits the bluegrass state, it’s time to focus on the possibility of another one sweeping in for Valentine’s Day. This one has the potential to put down more accumulating snows in our region.

The next system rolls in from the northwest and works across the Tennessee Valley late Friday into Friday night. This will increase in intensity as it does so and that means it could become an overachiever. A swath of heavy snow is likely along and north of the track of this low.

Pinpointing where that heaviest band will set up is the challenge. The zone could be a little farther north or south than I have it based on exactly where the low passes.

Another light snow maker dives in Saturday night and could put down some accumulations.

Next week will give us a false start to spring. Temps will soar into the 60s and we could have thunderstorms before the week is through.