Tracking a late week severe storms threat

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We're putting the wraps on one of the best weather days we've had in months. Highs today hit the 50s with plenty of sunshine.

A fast moving system brings showers into the area later tonight into Wednesday morning. Temps will be down a few degrees on Wednesday as the sun moves back in by the afternoon hours.

Thursday into Thursday night is taking on the look of a severe weather outbreak across our region. A powerful storm cranks in the plains states and rides into the western Great Lakes. That drags a cold front across the state and we’re likely to see a damaging wind producing line of storms along it. A few tornadoes can’t be ruled out.

Non-thunderstorm winds may gust to 40mph as our storm cranks.

Colder air comes slamming in behind this, but we don’t really see it get cold until later in the weekend when a arctic front swings in.