Tracking a wintry blast for Tuesday

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Sunshine will be out in full force today. A very weak front will keep temperatures down around 5-10 degrees compared to Saturday. The air will still have a nice fall feel to it though.

Monday looks fine for the first 20-21 hours, but it's the last few that might get interesting. That's the timeframe when we'll see rain changing over to some snow in our area. This round of wintry weather will come with a punch. A very potent cold front will swing into Kentucky on Monday night and into Tuesday. This has an Arctic blast of cold air associated with it. While the wintry side might not have a major impact, as far as snowfall is concerned, it will bring some very cold air into our region.

The cold that arrives has plenty of potential by itself. We could see highs get stuck in the mid 30s. When you factor in the 30mph+ winds... we could see Wind Chill readings in the 20s or even the teens.

Here's a brief breakdown of what happens on Monday night. The front arrives in Northern Kentucky somewhere between 9 & 11pm. The initial precipitation will fall as rain. It will make a quick transition over to snow just past midnight. If the bands are intense enough then accumulation possibilities will be a little higher despite how warm the ground temperatures are.

We'll keep you up-to-date as we head into this wintry blast.

Meteorologist Jim Caldwell

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