Tracking cable bills

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "It's been six months of frustration." Mike Gibson has routinely paid his cable bills since 1991. Until this past fall, when he fell out of sorts with Time Warner Cable. A cable line accidentally cut by Time Warner crews on his property left him without cable for days and caused him to cut his cable service.
"When you're told it's going to be days later for them to come fix a problem they created, it's disheartening," Gibson said.

But Gibson kept his internet service, only to quickly notice, his bill is now three times more than what he sees offered on Time Warner advertisements.
"It's frustrating to see they offer new customers the rate that is a third of what I'm paying and I've been a customer since 1991."

"What we try to do is match them up their interest and their pocketbook. That's our goal," said Michael Pedelty with Time Warner Cable. Pedelty says with the multiple products offered, the last time there was a real cable cost increase is hard to pinpoint, but he is able to explain why your bill may go up.
"One of our biggest increases year in and year out is programming costs. They go up double digits every single year and our goal is to try to control those costs to the extent that we can," Pedelty said.

One way Pedelty says the company tries to control cost is to offer package deals for customers. The offers Gibson is seeing are a different deal than what he signed up for. Pedelty says a customer can always call and ask to get a different, cheaper, deal. Not all times, but many times, he says, a customer is able to change plans.
His best advice: make sure you know when your current deal runs out. That's when you might notice an increase in your bill. To avoid that happening, he says to call the cable company when your deal runs out and ask for a new plan that fits your wallet.
"It's not in our interest to give products and services they don't want, certainly products and services they can't afford," Pedelty said.

"It's a lot of money to pay for a service when they are offering the same service for less," Gibson said.

So getting that lower price may ultimately depend on you tracking your plan to make sure you know when it's about to change.

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