Tracking more heavy rainmakers

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The pattern remains on the stormy side this week. While we won't see non-stop rounds of showers and storms, we will see some pretty solid rounds when each round rolls into our area. It won't rain all day... everyday... for anyone. However, when it does happen it means some pretty heavy rounds will be likely.

More of a scattered variety can be expected through the evening hours on Wednesday. Some of the storms west of our area could become strong or severe. There is a small chance that these will live on as they enter our area. The air remains very humid and is notorious for heavy rain producing storms. I am even talking about the isolated type as well. The coverage won't be terribly thick.

Another potent feature will dip into the area on Thursday. This has heavy rainmaker written all over it. I do think that some of those storms will be on the stronger side too. This is a pattern that is ripe for that type of development. The bigger concern will remain the flash flood threat. With all of the water that most areas have picked up here recently, you can bet that many creeks and streams will be running on the high side this week.

The heat is another issue that models are trying to paint into our region. One model continues to push 95+ into our area. I don't see that happening due to recent rains, very green vegetation, and the rounds of new storms that we expect. Mid to upper 80s will certainly be possible over a widespread area, but even that could be a stretch for some. For some a run around 90 degrees is certainly likely. I just think that most will hoover more in the 80s.

We'll be here tracking all of these threats over the next few days.