Traffic engineers: one-way streets hurt businesses

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-Ann Michael has owned Calypso Boutique on Maxwell for several years. Nestled in-between several other local shops, she says the one-way location was a concern from the start.

"I've had a lot of visibility from the one-way street; more than I'd thought,"Michael commented as she adjusted dresses hanging on the racks.

But City leaders say Michael and other Lexington business owners on one-way streets aren't getting nearly the attention they should. That's according to a new study done by an outside consulting firm.

"Half the reatail shops are just not visible to drivers," Scott Shapiro, Senior Advisor to the Mayor, explained. He continued "They go by and the store is in their rear-view mirror."

Shapiro says that's why leaders are looking at turning several one-way streets into two-way streets.

They say at the moment they're looking in the areas of Main and Vine; Upper and Lime; Second and Short: and Maxwell and High.

"Hundreds of cities have done it to revitalize, but at the same time, it's not something you take lightly," Shapiro said.

Officials say this is not an all or nothing deal. In fact, they've broken down downtown Lexington into three separate areas so that they can really look at the different traffic impacts there will be. But some of the shop owners, including Michael, say they'd like to see folks coming from different directions.

"I think two-way traffic would be great."

Michael says not only would she like the additional exposure, she says its also a safety issue.

"This is a dangerous intersection and I think changing Traffic flow would be smart."

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