Trail Blazers closed in Lexington, customers file complaints

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Lexington police are taking a closer look at a well known auto accessories store that closed unexpectedly several weeks ago.

The doors are locked at Trail Blazers on East New Circle Road. The auto accessories store filed for bankruptcy last fall.

The BBB has been receiving complaints for the last several weeks. And now, Lexington police are getting complaints. Trail Blazers, according to the BBB, has been closed for about two weeks.

Workers at the auto glass store beside Trail Blazers tell us they've had a lot of customers walk over, and ask if they know what's going on with the business.

"A lot of people have ordered wheels, rims, other parts. $800, $3,000 worth of stuff and they just haven't shown up to get their merchandise, and whenever the customer actually comes then nobody's there," explained Brook King, who works at the glass store beside Trail Blazers.

There are a few signs on the doors at Trail Blazers explaining they are closed. No one is answering calls to their local number, or the number listed on their website.

"I never had any problems with them. It just surprises me that they're closed because I always thought they did good business," said Debbie Haack, a customer who showed up Tuesday morning to get her widows tinted. "It just surprises me that I pull up and there's nobody here and they're closed down."

If you're owed money or a product from Trail Blazers, you can call our local Better Business Bureau. They say they will provide customers with information on how to contact bankruptcy court.

Police are still trying to determine if the complaints they're receiving are of a civil or criminal matter.

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