Transylvania University biggest fan's legacy lives on

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Bryan Conover graduated from Transylvania a few years ago, but he remembers cheering from the stands of the Beck Center with his fraternity little brother Max Gjerde like it was yesterday.

"We all had crazy outfits on. We were screaming like mad," Conover said.

Coach Brian Lane remembers too.

"Always one of the guys that painted up and took it to an extreme," Lane said.

Max was looking forward to starting grad school after Transy, but in 2010, just a year after his graduation he found out he had cancer. Not long after that, Bryan, his old fraternity brother moved in to help take care of him.

"It's always nice to have people around that you love and care about," Conover said.

Max's health was waning, but his Transy passion wasn't. He couldn't wait for the Pioneers' matchup against Kentucky last weekend.

"I had a seat next to me for him. We were ready to have him there, but he wasn't physically going to be able to," said Conover.

Instead, Max would have to watch from a bed at UK Hospital. That's where Coach Lane comes in.

"They asked if there was anything we could do to lift his spirits," Lane said.

Lane and his team set up a video chat with Max before the game.

"He said you need to go down there and play hard and don't be intimidated. Go Pios! They had set it up to where we could lift his spirits, but in reality, he did a lot more for us than we did for him," Lane said.

The team decided to dedicate each three pointer to Max. The hashtag #3sformax took off on Twitter.

Max passed away just a couple of days later, but his passion for basketball and charity are living on. You can pledge money for each three the pioneers make this season. That money will go to a charity Max worked with called 3 little birds 4 life. Max's big brother Bryan hopes to see lots of support.

"His legacy is determined by those of us who he leaves behind," said Conover.

To pledge money for each Transy three-pointer, visit the website

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