Travelers getting a jump on holiday traffic before storm moves in

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - The snow couldn't come at a worse time, as many people are getting ready to hit the road for Thanksgiving.

The I-64 travelers we talked to Tuesday morning say they hope to get a jump on holiday traffic and this storm by hitting the road the day before the day before Thanksgiving.

Even though a couple of inches of snow are predicted for later in the evening, so far, the interstate is just wet, and traffic seems to be moving fine, but some drivers say they've seen a lot of traffic already. They say getting out early has its advantages, especially if it means driving through rain instead of snow.

One family we caught up with is driving a Uhaul box truck from Lexington to Utah. They say getting out before the snow got here was their main goal.

"I think we were both a little shocked because last week was pretty good, week before that was almost perfect, I was still playing tennis, now it's freezing and there's a huge storm going in, but who knows what's going to happen on the road," says Michael Smith, who is moving across the country.

Another family we spoke to was traveling from South Carolina to Illinois for a Naval graduation. They said they expect to hit the snow on their way home Friday. They'll also probably hit quite a bit of holiday traffic as people return home from thanksgiving trips.

We checked with road crews around the area as they get ready to clear snow Tuesday evening. Lexington officials tell us they have more than 5,000 tons of salt waiting. They say they can't put it out yet because of the rain. When the snow arrives, we're told around 25 crews will hit the road to keep drivers safe.

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