Travelers getting lost visiting Lexington's Southern Lights due to GPS

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a holiday tradition for many families -- going to see the Southern Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park.

However, if you're not familiar with the area, and you're trying to find the light show through the GPS on your smartphone, you could end up getting lost in the southern night.

James Barton runs a grain facility on his farm. It backs up to the horse park. He says about three to five times a day, people drive through his farm looking for the Southern Lights.

"When you go through here if you drive down the interstate this is the blackest place in the world there's no lights back in here," says Barton.

In the past, cars have been stuck in the mud, people needing to be rescued by farm workers. Further down the road, there is a pond. At night, you could run right into it.

"A man was going to Southern Lights, he drove back through the farm this road goes on two miles back through there. It took him two hours to find his way out," Barton continues.

Kentucky Horse Park officials suggest getting directors to Southern Lights through the horse park's website. They also say you should follow the signs along the road instead of relying on your GPS.

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