Treacherous road conditions slow morning commute

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "Wet, wet and rainy," said traveler John Hale.

That pretty much sums up the morning.
Drivers all around Lexington had to deal with varying degrees of rain...from slow and steady, to mini down pours.

"The vision is impaired a little bit. Probably 25 feet, 30 feet ahead of you," Hale said.

"I'm from Michigan, so this is my first experience with the rain in Kentucky. And everyone's driving extremely slow, and it's causing a lot of traffic backups," said another traveler, Chris Schafer.

Accidents on the interstate as well as in town kept police and emergency crews busy.
Between the hours of 6am and 11:30 am, Lexington police worked 14 non injury collisions and 5 injury wrecks, and add weather played a factor in several of those.

"People should take their time and not drive as fast as they'd normally drive," said Hale.

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