Tree falls on two Lexington homes during storm

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A man living on Dunaway Street says he knew something bad had happened when he heard a loud crash during a storm, but he wasn't expecting to see a branch though the ceiling of his parent's bedroom.

"The rain was so heavy and it was so hard, but it happened really quick, like boom, boom, in a matter of seconds," James White said.

White was the only one home when he heard the storm tear through Lexington Thursday, and tear down part of a large tree behind his house.

"There was plaster and rain coming down, lights were flickering," he said.

The tree fell on the roof of White's home and the home next to his. At first he though the only damage his neighbor received was a shattered window, but once a contractor climbed on top of both homes he learned the tree going through their roof as well.

"I was afraid it was going to continue to come through, I wasn't sure if it was gonna hold," he said.

He says firefighters told him they were afraid to cut the tree, since it was perched between the homes and cutting it could shift the weight sending it through one of the homes.

He says a tree trimming service will have to lift the branch, before the roof can be repaired.

"It's so massive, it's laying in between both houses, so the lines, some of them were down, hanging down a little bit," he said.

White says his parent's insurance company is putting them up in a hotel for the time being, but he is staying at the home to make sure it's secure.

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