Tree keeps car from plunging off Pulaski Co. cliff

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It was about 7 o’clock Tuesday morning and parts of Bethlehem Ridge Road were icy and hazardous. Police say Patricia Adams was heading down the road’s steep bluff, when she lost control.

“The vehicle was resting on the passenger side leaning against a tree. At the edge of a pretty large hill,” said Chief Josh Whitis with the Science Hill Fire Department.

Whitis says from the time 911 paged them out, until Adams was rescued, was about 21 minutes.

“It was the sheer belief that she was going to fall over that large hill at anytime,” Whitis said.

Whitis says the first plan was to stabilize the car.

“There was one tree holding it. Basically when we got there, that was the only thing holding it up at the time,” he said.

Once cables were used to hold the car in place, Adams was able to crawl out.

“We went around to the lower side, removed the passenger side window, helped her out the window,” Whitis said.

Remarkably, Adams wasn’t hurt.

“She was very close to having a much worse accident than she did have. Everything worked out well,” he said.

Had the car gone over the cliff, Whitis believes it could have fallen 50 to 75 feet to the bottom.

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