Trial continues for Scott County man accused of murdering his parents

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - He claims police bullied him into a confession. On Tuesday, a man accused of killing his parents took the stand in his murder trial.

James Anthony Gray, 43, later recanted that confession and now says he had nothing to do with the shooting deaths of James and Vivian Gray at their Scott County home back in 2007.

It's his second murder trial, and he's still claiming he's not guilty of murdering his parents. Gray was on the stand at the Scott County Courthouse until 6:30 Tuesday evening.

When questioned about the night his parents were found dead, Gray says it's hard to remember what happened.

"After I got the call, I was so shook up," said Gray. "I don't remember anything."

Prosecutors also questioned Gray about a previous confession he allegedly made after the murders. But now he says he was bullied into that whole story.

"The evidence had me convinced that I had done it," said Gray. "I didn't remember that I had done it, but with all the evidence, I wanted to do the right thing. I'm kind of a truthful person, and I wanted to tell the truth."

Gray says he now knows he didn't commit the crime, with the last time he saw his parents being the Sunday before they were killed.

"I was wanting to argue with him because I'm upset, and he's saying I killed my mom and dad and I didn't," said Gray.

Gray testified that he doesn't remember who he talked to that night in 2007 at his parents' house and soon left the scene in a state of shock.

"The toll of losing mom and dad and working all day," said Gray. "I was exhausted, and I just couldn't go anymore. I had to lay down."

The questioning ended Tuesday evening while still discussing Gray's previous confession years ago. Gray's first murder trial last year ended in a hung jury.

They plan to resume the trial at the Scott County Courthouse Wednesday at 9 a.m.

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