Trio arrested in rash of Lincoln car break-ins

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a burglary investigation on Gentry Drive resulted in the arrests of two men and one woman..and police say what they're accused of doing has been a very common tale for many in the area.

Dewey and Ronnie Camel and Taylor Davis are the prime suspects in what police say has been a big problem in the small town of Stanford.

“Myself, I had ten vehicles in one day and seven in another day,” said Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger of his investigations into vehicle thefts.

Among the victims….a state police dispatcher whose wallet was taken.

The thieves mostly targeted unlocked cars late at night. Police say the thieves would work together to steal whatever they could quickly grab and go with.

“What they would do is go into the subdivision were there was a large group of vehicles. One would sit back, while two would go through the vehicles,” said Folger.

Police say a home invasion investigation in Garrard County led them to Gentry drive where the trio was taken into custody.

“We located the subjects and charged them with burglary. We found tools and items taken from the home,” Folger said.

Police say that the three have faced similar charges before. Some stolen items were recovered but police said in most cases, the trio sold what they stole at pawn shops. Folger says he believes their motivation was to get money to buy drugs.

Ronnie Camel
Taylor Davis

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