Trooper pulls unconscious man off I-64

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A state trooper is being credited with saving the life of a man police say tried to run from him.

Steven Reilly was hit by a van along Interstate 64 in Montgomery County Friday night. Police say they had pulled him over when he ran across the interstate to try to get away. WKYT talked to the state trooper who risked his life to rescue Reilly after he was hit.

Trooper Jonathan Moore's night started like any other. He was stopping drivers that were speeding along I-64 when he says a man on a motorcycle sped by going at least 110 miles per hour.

"I pulled out to take off after him," said Trooper Moore, "I didn't think he was gonna stop."

Seven miles later, Trooper Moore says the man on the bike finally pulled over.

"At some point in time he made the decision to jump off the motorcycle and kinda take a swing at me. And so the motorcycle fell over and onto my left leg. And at this point he had ran off."

Steven Reilly then crossed both lanes of traffic, and the trooper says he started running parallel to him, inside the median.

"I see his body take a direct impact with the van. I see his body go 30 feet up in the air and make direct impact to the asphalt. I thought he was dead right there because he was laying flat in the middle of the interstate, not moving. So I'm still in the median."

That's when Trooper Moore decided to risk his own life, to jump into the interstate.

"I grabbed him by his coat jacket on his shoulders and I pull him over to the shoulder out of the interstate and then 3, 4 seconds later vehicles are whizzing by," he remembers, "I didn't think the guy was alive, but yet I didn't want to take that chance not trying to help him."

Steven Reilly is still listed in serious condition at UK Hospital.

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