Truck allegedly stolen by escapees returned to owner

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say two prison escapees stole his car. Now, they're back in jail and the victim is still dealing with the situation.

According to investigators, Tyler Roberts and Christopher Melton stole Brian Miller's truck from a repair shop after escaping from Blackburn. They allegedly drove it to Garrard County where they were eventually caught.

The truck was in the shop because it wouldn't start. The mechanic couldn't make it go, but the inmates found a way. Miller says they tore out the engine in the process and it could be a while before he gets the truck back.

"I called the Commonwealth Attorney's Office to see about getting restitution which I have been told, you know, it all depends on if the guys even have money to begin with," Miller says. "If the inmates don't have money then how are they going to be able to pay. Fortunately, my mechanic has been very generous."

Miller's mechanic is footing the bill to have the vehicle towed and fixed. Right now, he has another vehicle to get around with. He plans to sell the truck when he gets it back.

Both Roberts and Melton have pleaded not guilty to the escape.

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