Truck carrying 70 cows crashes on Pulaski road

EUBANK, Ky. (WKYT) - A truck carrying more than 70 cows from a farm in Pulaski County en route to a lot in Nebraska lost control in a curve and overturned.

Nearly 20 cows were either killed or had to be put down...others were running loose and had to be coralled.

There are other cattle farms in this area and soon those farmers and farm-hands pitched in to help. Police say it was a scene like they've never seen before.

"Real different," said Duffy Sutton with Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement. They along with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, several fire departments and even Haz Mat Area 12 were called.

"When we got here, you've got the cattle spooked, they are trying to get out and you have people trying to help, but they don't realize the cows are in such a state of panic, once they come out of there, they are going to run, and if you get in the way they are going to run you over," Sutton said.

The driver of the truck was not hurt but police say they are not really sure what caused the it to leave the roadway.

Police say no diesel fuel spilled during the accident.

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