Truck fire investigation underway in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police are now looking into an out of the ordinary vehicle fire.

Those who live nearby say they saw flames shoot out of a truck today near downtown Lexington.

It's under investigation, and right now, officials are not saying whether it's arson. But thankfully, we are told no one was hurt.

These teenaged boys say they noticed something odd on Warnock Street.

"We were like by the store walking past in the street and then we started walking even closer and we saw it was flames," said Malyk Persay, a teenager who spotted the fire.

A fully engulfed truck is what they came up on.

The crackling noises coming from the fire is what the boys say kept them a safe distance from the truck.

"It cracked the back shield window and so then it started getting bigger and then like we thought it was gonna blow up, so we stayed back away," said Alec Waite, another teenager who spotted the fire.

The height of the flames was another concern, dangerously close to a powerline, which alarmed the two friends to get help.

"The flames started getting higher and higher then we called 911 and everything and that's when everyone came outside," said Persay.

Fire officials tell us the fire started in the passenger side paneling of the truck.

The fire investigator is surveying the neighborhood trying to get clues as to what caused this truck fire.

Officials tell us they are still looking for the owner of the burned truck.

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