Teens armed with gun, sword, club chase Lexington teen

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A judge is deciding whether or not to hold two teenagers after Lexington police said the teens held up another with multiple weapons.

Lexington police say a teen was walking home when two other teens walked up to him and pulled a gun, a sword, and a club on him.

The victim then ran into a neighbor's house off Mount Tabor Road, with the other two teens following close behind.

The kids kicked in the door of the home, but were almost immediately scared off by the man who lived at the house. Police said the two then ran outside, jumped into a waiting car and drove off.

Police told us the two would-be attackers could possibly be high school students at Henry Clay high school. Both are now in custody.

Police are still investigating, and they are also searching for one of the weapons the teens allegedly used in the hold up.

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