Two Livingston homes damaged by storm

LIVINGSTONE, KY. (WKYT) - High winds took down several trees in Rockcastle County Monday afternoon, damaging at least two homes.

A family living on Foxglove Hill wasn't home when the storms rolled through, but they could tell something was wrong as the returned home.

"Initially I didn't see it at first," said Chris Benge.

At least three trees fell near Benge's home. One near the road, a second in his back yard, and a third above his home sending an 18 foot long branch into his roof.

"White oak above the house up there, the limb fell out, come through the roof," he said. "Just made a mess."

Kentucky Utility crews had to wait for lightning to leave the area before they could replace the transformer behind Benge's home which was damaged in the storm.

A few miles away from Foxglove Hill another tree fell in the yard of a home on KY 1955, landing on the front porch.

"It rained so hard that we could not see across the road, and then it rained like that for a few minutes," said Shirley McPherron.

McPherron says the sun came out after the rain and she thought she was in the clear.

"It clouded up again and here come the awfullest lightning and thunder and I mean it was loud," she said. "Just big booming. "

That's when McPherron says she heard a loud crash, and realized the sound was coming from her porch, and the tree now on top of it.

"It was just terrible, scared me to death," she said. "It took me a long time to settle down over it. "

Dispatchers say they had reports of other trees down near Livingston, but no other serious property damage.

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