Two accused of setting police officer's car on fire

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PARIS , Ky. (WKYT) - Judge Mary Jane Phelps said there wasn't enough evidence to charge Anthony Sexton. Cody Gruette and Jeffrey Springer, though, still face charges of arson, criminal mischief, and wanton endangerment. Police say Gruette admitted to them that he shoved a t-shirt into Paris Police officer Angeline Bouchard's personal car and that Springer lit it. Kentucky State Police Trooper Jack Gabriel happened to be nearby when the call went out.

"I saw flames coming from the far side of a yellow vehicle. Looked like somebody was attempting to...I don't know...blow the car up," said Gabriel.

He says he didn't wait for the fire department.

"Went to my trunk, got my fire extinguisher, and started trying to extinguish the fire. Honestly, I thought the car was going to explode," said Gabriel.

Gabriel said he was able to get the fire out. Police said a neighbor took a picture of two men standing around the car and a third kneeling near the gas tank just before the fire. They say they found Gruette, Springer, and Sexton a couple of hours later in clothing matching that in the picture. Sexton's been released, but Springer and Gruette remain in jail.

Springer and Gruette's cases will go before a Bourbon County grand jury.

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