Two break-ins at a Lexington church in one week

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The congregation of a Lexington church needs your help finding the burglars who broke into their building twice in the last week. The burglars stole a few things from Antioch Christian Church near the Bourbon County line and caused some damage.

This church along Paris Pike is getting some unwanted attention from people outside the church who aren't using the front doors to come in.

"It's a little church that sits on the side of the road," said Gary McFarland, the church's minister of administration.

Gary McFarland has been at the church since 1991, but Antioch Christian Church has had its doors open for much longer than that.

"We've been here since long, long ago, so we'll just stay right here," said McFarland. "Maybe the good Lord will help them out."

This Sunday's service was different with the congregation of about 50 learning of two break-ins at the church just this week.

"They call me and tell me that the window is broke out. And the youth director asks, 'Where's the TV?' I don't know. It's gone," said McFarland. "They bought this TV with a spaghetti supper and a bake sale or something like that. They raised the money and bought the TV and the DVD player."

Now the youth group will have to do it all over again for another wide-screen TV.

"The only thing we can do as a congregation is just pay to have the window fixed and raise more money for the kids to buy a new TV," said McFarland. "The chances of finding it are zero to none."

And it's not the first time burglars have targeted their place of worship.

"I guess it's what you call easy pickings," said McFarland. "It's frustrating for a small congregation that's trying to pay all their bills and keep the church doors open to have to go through this now."

The window will be fixed Monday, and the church is also looking into getting a security system.

Lexington Police say they are investigating the break-ins, but they do not have any leads at this time.

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