Two construction workers hospitalized after one falls from Lexington building

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A construction worker fell 25 feet from a Lexington building under renovation and landed on top of another man. Both men were sent to the hospital.

The accident happened at the Carver Center, a community center, just before 9 a.m. Monday.

Fire officials confirm that a worker in his 20s started to fall from the left side of the building. In an effort to stop his fall, they say he grabbed onto some rubber stripping. Apparently the rubber gave way and the worker was headed straight for the chain link fence 25 feet below.

Firefighters say that another worker in his 60s jumped in to prevent him from falling on top of the fence. Both men were rushed to UK Hospital.

WKYT's Brittany Pelletz reports that center has been under renovation for several months. People who live nearby tell WKYT they are used to the noise of construction work but after hearing screams this morning, one woman says she knew something was wrong.

"It's a very stressful situation you know for all people involved when something like that happens. It was tragic, sad. The response was quick by the fire department so I hope they'll be in good care," said Karissa Arnold who lives nearby Carver Center.

The person who fell from the building is 18-year-old, Terrence Adams. He says it was his girlfriend's grandfather, 63-year-old, Jim Barnes, who jumped in to help. He is calling Barnes a hero for breaking his fall. He says without him, it would have been worse.

Both Adams and Barnes are out of the hospital. Adams has some scrapes and stitches. Adams says that Barnes has a broken wrist and arm. Adam says he will likely be back on the job site next week.

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