Two crashes in 15 minutes on one city block

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-The damage is visible from the street. The porch of an impecibly kept 1870's home is covered in plastic.

"It's pretty extensive," Bill Johnston explained while pointing out where the car hit the home.

Johnston lives next door to the ivy-covered house in the 600 block of West Short between Seventh and Jefferson Streets. His neighbors of more than two decades are out of town, visiting family for the holiday weekend.

"It's a quiet street but sometimes when the bars let out, they can get noisy," Johnston said.

Johnston says a woman hit a parked car before plowing into the home and then trying to take off around three Sunday morning.

"If you're going fast enough to hit this car over here and then come over here and hit the steps, had to be going at a good rate," Johnston said while pointing out the path of destruction. He estimates the two limestone steps that were displaced weigh about 300 pounds. He also says the brick wall to the basement has partially crumbled, and the home will need new supports.

While police were on the scene of that crash, fifteen minutes later, Johnston says another car hit a utility pole at the corner of Seventh and West Short. He says the man driving and his passenger ran off before police could question them.

Johnston says he and others are frustrated that their normally quiet neigborhood has so much left to fix.

"You're responsible for the damage to these houses for one thing, and trying to run away from it is certainly not endearing you to anyone."

Lexington Police could not confirm if anyone has been charged in either crash.

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