Two dead following crash in Laurel County

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The impact was so violent it caused both a car and an SUV to flip near a guardrail.

WKYT has new details about a crash that killed a Southern Kentucky couple. The crash happened late Tuesday afternoon on Old Richmond Road, just north of London. The couple killed were inside the car.

"My grandchildren were right behind it, and if they'd been just a few seconds sooner they probably would have been in it," explained Gale Williams, who lives near the wreck.

Williams watched as crews picked up what was left of the car and the SUV Tuesday afternoon. Sheriff's deputies say the couple in the SUV have serious injuries. The couple in the red car died.

"The small red car slid sideways on the road and it was actually t-boned, or impacted in the side," explained Laurel County Sheriff's Deputy Gilbert Acciardo.

Deputy Acciardo says the driver of the red car was speeding, ran off the road, then over-corrected, "it's just a bad road. It's curvy and it's narrow. The speed limit's 35 across through here."

"They never do 35. I've seen them pass, and it didn't even look like the wheels were on the road," says Williams.

She didn't see Tuesday's wreck happen, but has seen some pretty close calls. She tells WKYT the driver of red car, 23-year-old Dustin Sparks, was dating the passenger, 36-year-old Barbara Hurley. Both, she says, were parents.

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