Two dozen counterfeit bills passed at Lexington stores

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Federal investigators are tracking a spike in funny money in Lexington stores. Close to two dozen fake $100 bills were used in different shops around town during the Black Friday shopping weekend. Investigators say during this time of year, more counterfeit bills than normal seem to surface.

"The people that want to pass counterfeit are looking for a couple of things. They're looking for businesses that are doing really high volume, and they're looking for people that are so busy that they're not really paying attention to the money that's coming in," explained Secret Service Agent Paul Sims.

His team found more than 20 fake $100 bills passed at Lexington businesses recently.

"Just slow down for a moment, enjoy the season, and give a look to your money."

Store owners aren't the only ones at risk of receiving counterfeit bills - shoppers are too. If you receive change for purchases, look closely. It could be counterfeit cash passed to the store from a previous customer.

"The people that get the counterfeit are out that money at that point in time," noted Sims, "a lot of stores, if you leave that store and then come back and say 'hey, you gave me this note and it's counterfeit' then they may not look at it as favorably."

The new $100 note has a 3-D security ribbon with a design inside of it that moves when you move the bill. It also has a bell inside the large orange inkwell on the bill.

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