Couple found dead hours before son's funeral

PULASKI CO. (WKYT/WYMT) - Police were called to Edwards Rd. about 1 o’clock Wednesday. Relatives had found Billy and Shirley Baugh dead….both of gunshot wounds.

“They would help anybody if they could. She was always 'honey this, honey that, darling.' Good sweet people,” said a neighbor who asked not to be identified.

Police believe Billy Baugh shot his wife Shirley, then turned the gun on himself.

“There’s been several incidents of domestic violence at this residence. It has a history of that,” said Lt. Det. Brett Whitaker with the Pulaski Co. Sheriff’s Office.

This was a family already dealing with tragedy. Their son, Clarence Baugh, was killed in a car crash in Lincoln County over the weekend.

Services for the 27 year old continued at Southern Oaks Funeral Home as police canvassed a crime scene at his parents’ home.

“She was so tore up and she said, she didn’t know how ‘we’re going to handle this.’ That’s what she said,” said the neighor.

Police say relatives told them the couple had difficulty coping with their son’s death and may have contributed to the violence.

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