Two gunmen break into home searching for woman's roommate

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It was a frightening start to the weekend for one woman when two men with guns broke into her home on Fairgrounds Drive in Lexington.

Police are searching for two men they say broke into the home Saturday afternoon.

It happened around 2 p.m. on Fairgrounds Drive and police say what the men took from the victim prevented her from calling for help.

We talked with neighbors that were able to help the woman after the scary situation.

The two armed men apparently weren't looking for valuables or cash---they were looking for the woman's roommate who didn't happen to be home at the time.

Police say the men did take the victim's cell phone so she couldn't immediately call 911.

The men quickly took off after that.

Neighbors felt it was unsafe to talk to us on camera until the men are caught.

But they did say their neighborhood is typically a quiet one and they were shocked to hear that something like this happened.

Neighbors tell us the roommate who the men were looking for had just moved in a few months ago and they have no idea why the men were seeking her out.

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