Aunt, niece killed when car hits tree in Estill County

ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - When she heard the ambulances just after 11 o'clock Friday morning, Wanda Thacker says she knew a tragedy had just happened.

"In my heart...I knew it was my family. I don't know how I just knew," she said.

Rushing to the scene, her fears were realized. Her sister, Nancy Moore, and her niece, Laura Jones had been in the back seat of his car when it hit a tree. Both were killed.

"It's just racing, like it's not true. Laura was my baby. She was my baby," Thacker said.

Police say the driver, Darrell Spicer, and his father, Darrell Spicer, Senior were airlifted to UK hospital. What caused them to crash is under investigation.

"Her car wasn't running good yesterday. The gas pedal may have stuck," Thacker said.

Police say speed was likely a factor as the car quickly got up to near 70 mph shortly after it pulled out of a driveway..and crashed into the tree a short distance away.

"Laura loved life to the fullest and so did Nancy," Thacker said.

Now they're gone, leaving a lot of family and friends with many questions as to why all of this happened.

Police say toxicology tests will be performed but it could be weeks before it's known if alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash. Police says their initial investigation also was inconclusive as whether seat belts were worn.

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