Two men arrested for allegedly stealing metal

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HAZARD, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - Two men were arrested Friday for stealing scrap metal from a gas station.

An empty building and a scrap pile are what is left of the Daniel Boone Double Quick BP, and that pile is slowly starting to disappear.

Joshua Campbel and Richard Snay were arrested Friday after stealing scrap metal from the closed gas station, but even though their story may differ a little, they said they had permission.

“There was these other 3 guys that was there and they made a thousand pound and they said some guy in a black truck said they could have it,” said Snay.

“There was a guy there loading up some scrap metal and he pretty much told us that we could get whatever we wanted,” said Campbel.

The men said they were just picking up a few extra pieces of metal hoping to get a little extra cash.

“I was going to sell it to make money. Buy some cigarettes,” said Snay.

The men said they were caught by Kentucky State Police while on their way to the junk yard.

“We told them we would take it back, but they said we had to go to jail, so we took it back anyhow and still had to go to jail,” said Snay.

Snay said he regrets what they did.

“I wish I never even went with him, that's the only thing I can think. I feel bad about it.”

They were charged with receiving stolen property and booked into the Kentucky River Regional Jail.

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