Two pregnant cattle stolen from central Kentucky farmer

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EWING, Ky. - (WKYT) - A central Kentucky farmer is asking for your help solving a theft that's cost him thousands of dollars.

After working as a cattle farmer for the past 40 years, Steven Howe knows his land and the 80 cattle on it like the back of his hand.

Last week, it didn't take long before Howe realized something was wrong-- two of his cattle were missing.

“They just don’t hide in a corner some place and they don’t disappear for no reason,” Steven Howe told us.

The two black cows, worth more than $3000, are a hot commodity for one reason—they’re both pregnant.

The strange series of events leading up to the cow's disappearance started last Saturday after Howe left town.

“My neighbor called me and said my yard was full of cows. When I came back, I noticed one gate was pushed back toward the lot and the other gate was swung back against the fence.”

His fence is secured by an automatic lock, latch and chain and with plenty of security in place, Howe came to one conclusion.

“Somebody had to open that gate.”

But Howe has no idea who that somebody was, so he set out in search of answers.

“I’ve ridden around and checked all my fences. I’ve made several trips around the area every day and asked all my neighbors but nobody has seen a thing.”

Unfortunately, those efforts turned out fruitless but Howe isn't stopping his search anytime soon, especially since one of the missing cattle was supposed to be a gift for his nephew.

Steven Howe is offering a $500 reward to anyone with information leading to whereabouts of the two black missing cattle. The cattle are missing from Steven’s farm in Ewing.

Anyone with information should contact the Fleming County Sheriff’s Office at 606- 845-4701.

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