Victim describes having shots fired into home

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police originally got the shots fired call from down the street, but quickly made their way to the scene after the victims called in from their East Loudon home.

"It's, it's crazy. I really can't believe that anyone would try to do anything to harm us," said Alexandra Giron.

Giron, and her sister, mother and father were asleep when thundering noise she says sounded like an earthquake woke them up.

"My dad, his nerves are still really shot. He's really doesn't know what to think of it. We're just staying together, praying," said Giron.

Minutes after the near dozen shots pierced their back door, police arrived and observed a man, 19-year-old Tevin Williams, walking nearby carrying a bag.

They told him to stop, instead he took off.
Police later caught him and recovered the bag he was carrying containing two guns, a knife, and duct tape.

"If one of us was back there, we probably could have gotten shot. So thank the Lord no one was back there," said Giron.

Investigators said there is no evidence right now to link the home invasion Monday to this latest incident.

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