Two women thrown from truck in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a passerby happened on a wreck around five Sunday evening. A small pickup was found on the side of the exit ramp at mile marker 115 on the northbound side of I-75. When help arrived, police say the scene wasn't good.

"A small truck left the roadway ejecting two adult females," said Lt. Sam Murdock, of the Lexington Police, "One of the occupants had life-threatening injuries, the other had very serious physical injuries."

The pickup was heading toward Newtown Pike, and a look at the damage suggests a hard impact as one tire is completely torn off and debris was scattered around.

The ramp was closed off for hours as investigators worked to sort the clues about the crash.

"What they'll do is go through the whole scene forensically and try and gather information to determine what were some of the contributing the factors," explained Lt. Murdock.

A lot of details aren't being released, at this time, because the details are still being uncovered. Police say there weren't any witnesses at the scene, so they're now asking for help.

"We're asking that if anybody observed this accident or has any more information to contact the division of police," said Lt. Murdock.

Police say the victim with the more serious injuries was stabilized at UK Hospital, but is still in critical condition.

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