Two people killed in intense apartment fire

A fire, so intense smoke could be seen for miles, took the lives of two people Saturday.

The fire broke out at an apartment building on Sun Street in Morehead.

Witnesses say a cloud of smoke from the fire was visible about two miles away.

Brandy Cordial lives in the building and heard shouts from a man who lived in one of the downstairs apartments trying to warn people inside the building.

Cordial went in to tell her boyfriend and says the seconds story was engulfed in flames by the time they made it back out.

Crews attacked the fire and tried to save two people trapped inside.

49-year-old Vada Knipp was in an upstairs apartment. Crews pull her out of a second story window and took her to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The Rowan county Coroner says another man, 40-year-old Kristopher Harvey died in one of the downstairs apartments.

"He was in the hallway," Harvey's sister Susan Stamper said. "They said he could have become overcome with smoke and lost his way."

As a precaution State Police Fire investigators say they are treating this area as a crime scene. They say they don't have any reason to think the fire is suspicious but because it's a fatal fire, they aren't taking any chances.

The victims' bodies were taken to Frankfort where an autopsy will be conducted to determine exactly how they died.

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