UK students find home ransacked during holiday break

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "I came in the front door and immediately I see the TV is gone off the wall," started Brian Barr a student at the University of Kentucky.

Barr and his four roommates live on American Avenue near campus, and all of them left town for the Thanksgiving holiday. However, their fun and family time was cut short after they got a call from their leasing company that their house had been broken into. They said during the trip home all they could think about was what they'd find when they came home.

"Immediately, your heart drops you wonder what is taken, what's left," described Barr.

His roommate Quedale Phinazee added, "I just couldn't believe it, we locked all the doors and did all the things you're supposed to do."

The students say several of their neighbors were also cleaned out. One-by-one the roommates returned home, each with an unsettling feeling.

"It's material stuff, yeah, you know they came in and take your stuff, but it's the fact that hits me most is that someone was in here," said Phinazee.

"That break it's like a milestone, and I feel like that just got taken away," admitted Barr.

The victims say the thieves stole the usual items you'd find missing in a burglary: the TVs, electronics, DVDs, but then they say it got weird.

"Never in my life would I think "they took the toilet paper, or they took the laundry detergent," stated Phinazee.

"A few posters are gone," chimed in Barr.

"There was food that was open. They were clearly in here eating and having a good ol' time," said Phinazee.

"That was very weird," Barr concluded.

On top of that, beds were tossed around, picture frames were shattered, and so was their sense of safety.

"They had the audacity to look me in the eye in a picture and just take everything that I own," said Barr.

The roommates all say that they're trying to move on, but it isn't easy because they know in a few weeks they'll leave their home once again when the semester ends.

"We're not going to be able to relax. We're just going to feel like this house is just going to be broken right back into," stated Barr.

The group is trying to purchase lost and damaged items, and say they're grateful they all had renters insurance to help.

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