Help for Nicholasville family coming through UK ticket raffle

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PARIS, KY (WKYT) - Brianna, 13, has battled cancer since her childhood, and it's taken a toll. Doctors told her family the teen will need a kidney transplant and after a series of tests her step-father was the 1-in-100,000 to 1-in-1,000,000 match. It turns out the match was closer than she thought: her stepfather.

"One-in-100,000, I believe it was, (that) chance was out of this world. That just doesn't happen!" remarked Billy Williams, a friend of Brianna's family.

Already the teen has gone through several surgeries just to prepare for the transplant. The medical bills are adding up and the family has taken off nearly all of their vacation time. But several Kentucky businesses are joining in to help Brianna's family during this time.

Still sweet surprises keep turning up for the Nicholasville teen.

Williams works with Brianna's stepfather and after hearing of her story he found himself looking for a way to help the Palmer family.

"It'll touch you that's for sure, you know. Kids are our next generation so, you know, we've got to try and help them out."

Then the chance came after a season ticket holder, who also heard about Brianna's story, donated a pair of tickets to the UK-Tennessee game on January 15th. The seats are in Section 15, row AA.

"Something like that, you know, would really help the family out," stated Williams.

So he got some of his buddies at K.A.T.S. Heating and Cooling, in Lexington, and J&M Liquor, in Paris, and formed a raffle to sell the UK tickets and raise money for Brianna's family.

"Well BJ asked me, 'how can we sell these tickets? How can we get all of the tickets sold?' My wife and I talked and said why not sell them at the liquor store? Beause I've got a lot of UK fans that come through on the regular basis who would give money towards a good cause like this and get to go to the ball game too," recalled Jeff Morrison, owner of J&M Liquor.

The owner admits it's rare that you hear about a liquor store helping a teen in need.

"Whether it's a liquor store or not, it's a good way to help somebody," Morrison added.

The Palmer family says me this raffle comes as a huge blessing and will bring some financial security in an uncertain time. As for the organizers, they say there was no question about getting involved.

"(It) never crossed my mind not to do this," said Morrison.

"She's a sweet little girl going through a rough time right now and needs the blessings of everybody right now," answered Williams.

The tickets are being sold for $10, or six for $50, at J&M Liquor and at K.A.T.S. and they're already going quickly. The drawing will take place January 5th at noon, at the J&M Liquor Store on Main Street in Paris.

For more information about the raffle contact J & M Liquor at 859-987-0752 or K.A.T.S. Heating and Cooling at 859-288-5287.

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