UK to pay $792,000 in tournament bonuses to coaches

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – The University of Kentucky basketball coaches will pull in almost $800,000 for their successes in the NCAA Tournament. UK men’s Coach John Calipari will get the most bonus money among the coaching staff.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, $729,000 is the total amount of money that will go toward the men’s and women’s basketball coaches. Of that sum, $663,530 will go to men's and $128,937 will go to the women’s coaches.

Calipari will get $350,000 in bonuses for taking the Wildcats to the national championship. Compare that to the University of Connecticut men’s head Coach Kevin Ollie, who reportedly gets $167,000 for leading his team to the win.

An even bigger bonus could be on the way for Coach Cal. Every summer since 2012, he's received a million dollar retention bonus.

His yearly salary, $3.8 million, balloons to $5 million when you thrown in endorsement deals.

The paper also says Coach Cal could have made double the amount in bonuses, had he led the cats to the victory Monday night.

According to his contract, UK Athletics Director, Mitch Barnhart gets $25,000 apiece for the men's and women's appearance in the Final Four. Add on top of that incentives for the football team's performance and he's also pulling in substantial bonuses.

News of the coaches’ bonus payout comes at the same time the movement gains strength to allow players to form unions and be considered employees, rather than students.

On March 26, the National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of Northwestern University football players, saying scholarship athletes resembled employees and therefore had the right to unionize.

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