UK fan will help Joker coach this weekend

UK Head Football Coach Joker Phillips will be the feature guest speaker at The Rotary Club of Lexington Thursday, July 12.
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Lexington, Ky. (WKYT) - One of UK's biggest little fans is living out his dream this weekend of assisting Joker Phillips in coaching the football team. A seven year old with a rare disorder is hanging out with the wildcats.

As the UK football team arrives for dinner, the unimaginable pain and struggles of Hunter Jarvis, who suffers from neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder, goes away even if just for a while.

"He was born with a bone disease that causes his bones to break and not be able to heal," says Terry Hagan of the Dream Factory. Hunter Jarvis wears a leg brace 24 hours a day.

"I got a broken leg and I can't play football or any other sport," says Hunter Jarvis.

Each game Hunter cheers on the cats wearing his helmet and uniform. "I have the should pads. I have the knee and shin pads."

This weekend Hunter will be Joker's assistant in coaching the team to a win, a dream fulfilled by the Dream Factory.

"He'll go through the typical day in the life of a football player on game day," says UK Football coach Joker Phillips.

Hunter gets to do something only big blue fans can dream of. Friday, it's dinner with the players and hanging out with them all weekend. Saturday will be full of activity as he goes to team meetings, ride in the bus to the game, do the cat walk, and go the locker room after helping coach the game.

"I hope he doesn't want to call plays. He'll have to get in a long line of fans to call plays for us. We want him to be apart of us for that weekend. That's important," says Phillips.

And the team knows they must win for Hunter. The Dream Factory made this all possible for Hunter. It's an all volunteer organization that grants wishes to seriously ill children.