UK fans battle tough road conditions before basketball game

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Saturday morning's snow didn't just cause a mess on roads, it also put a dent in plans for many UK fans.

Some people coming into town to see the Cats take on the Bulldogs had to leave home a day early.

"When we saw that the weather was coming in, because it was hitting Indiana too, so when we saw the weather was going to come in, we decided just to go ahead and come on down," says David Upchurch alongside James Upchurch, who drove to Lexington Friday night from Indiana so they wouldn't miss the game.

But others braved the morning's dangerous conditions just to cheer on the big blue.

"It was horrible," says April Rayburn, who drove to Lexington from West Virginia during the snow storm. "I saw several wrecks along the way on 64 coming in. There were several tractor trailers that were going way too fast. The road conditions were awful. There were sometimes I could do maybe 30 or 40 miles an hour and that was about it."

Once the snow finally let up and it got closer to game time, heaps of snow started to turn to slush.

David Upchurch says, "Back toward 75 the roads were kind of rough, but when you got into town, the guys really did a good job of cleaning the streets."

This Saturday the only thing more stressful than a UK game for these fans is figuring out how they're going to get home.

"It just depends on what the weather conditions are like when we get out of the game tonight," says Rayburn.

"Leaving in the morning and heading back north," says James Upchurch.

Despite the tough road conditions and harsh winds, more than 40 students waited outside hours before tip off to get tickets.

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