UK football player's home invaded in burglary attempt

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- A UK football player was startled this morning after somebody broke into his apartment.

When the guy got in he started roaming around, even jiggling the door handle of the room. But what the perp didn't realize is whose house he had broken into.

Defensive back and sophomore Eric Dixon said, "I heard the window break so I woke up, and I heard the dog growling so I told him to be quiet."

Dixon, realizing someone was inside his house, called 911.

"I started whispering on the phone with the police officer," he said. "She just kept me calm throughout the process."

Especially when all of a sudden Dixon noticed the perp was jiggling his bedroom door handle.

"The person had checked my door, so I was trying to keep calm because I was kind of getting kind of scared," he said. "But she just kept me calm and relaxed."

Dixon, locked in his room, waited patiently, with every minute feeling like hours.

"Why me, why at this time?" he asked. "I just got back last night from spring break. I was trying to relax and catch up on some sleep."

Police say the perp tried to leave through the same door he broke into.
And when he did, they were there to catch him

We asked Dixon if he knew who it was. "Yes, I know who it was," he said. "Me and the guy, we play basketball at the JC so I was surprised to see his face."

And the pep, who police say is Gayle Trever, was surprised as well."

"He just told me, 'My bad, I didn't know you stay here now, I apologize,'" Dixon said.

Eric Dixon, a member of the UK football, says only an Xbox 360 was stolen. Police were able to recover it.

They say these types of crimes spike during this time of year because of students leaving on spring break.

Dixon says the perp used his own mother's car to commit the crime.

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