UK leaders discuss request for more hospital beds

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Leaders at the University of Kentucky discussed their need for more hospital beds on Thursday.

The university's healthcare committee held an informational meeting.

The committee has filed a letter of intent with the state asking for 120 new beds for UK Hospital as a way to reduce wait times in the emergency room.

UK says the problem is, in part, patient growth.

The state must approve UK's request before the hospital can move forward.

"We submitted the certificate of need and there's a process through a review where people can comment on it. How many beds you have, how many beds you need, and we feel like we fulfill that need," Dr. Michael Karpf, with UK, says.

WKYT's news partner at the Herald-Leader report the average wait time in UK's ER is more than 10 hours.

They said they want to clarify this does not mean a patient would wait that long to initially be seen but that is may take that long for the patient to be placed in a room.

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