UK offers cheap flu shots for students

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Dozens of University of Kentucky students lined up this Tuesday to get their flu shot.

As part of their open house, the university offered students a chance to get their flu vaccine at an affordable price- only $10.00!

Health service officials say they wanted to offer this opportunity to students to encourage them to come get their vaccine. "Its important cause a lot of students on university campuses get the flu just because of the close proximity to each other and environment," explains UK medical director Scott Black.

Many students we talked to say they most likely would not have gotten the vaccine if it weren't for this opportunity. "I usually get my flu shot every year but this year I procrastinated," explains UK Senior Rick Travis. "When you're home you usually go with your parents and get a vaccine but when you're at school its a little bit more on your responsibility."

The shots were only $10.00 however, some students were able to get it for free because of their insurance.

With the flu being widespread in almost all fifty states, officials are doing their best to make sure everyone is protected.

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