UK police investigate moped thefts

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - WKYT first told you about the crime alert last week dealing with a rise in moped thefts around the area. More have started disappearing, this time from the UK campus. Now, UK police officers and Lexington police officers are working together to solve the case.

UK Police recovered one of the stolen mopeds near a garage on campus Wednesday morning. An officer found it abandoned, and he was able to confirm it's one they've been looking for.

Tuesday night Lexington police officers contacted UK officers letting them know they found several stolen mopeds. UK officers met them off Versailles Rd. to take a look at the mopeds they found. UK Police Chief Joe Monroe tells WKYT two were stolen off campus last week. They didn't find them Tuesday night when Lexington police called them, but one of their officers did find one Wednesday morning.

UK Chief Joe Monroe says, "Last (Tuesday) night, the officers on duty were actively looking for anybody that would be possibly riding a moped knowing that we've had a rash of thefts here in the last couple days so it was early this morning at daylight that we received the report of a moped being abandoned near one of the parking structures."

UK police tell us Lexington police are questioning a suspect in the recent moped thefts. UK police do want to see if he's at all involved in their recent thefts on campus.

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