UK police on alert after multiple reports of flasher on campus

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - University of Kentucky police officers are making extra patrols on the south campus, where police say there have been reports of indecent exposure. Officers are aware of several incidents in which the same man is believed to have been flashing students.

Students told WKYT's Elizabeth Dorsett that they're aware of the alerts -- and keeping an eye out.

University officials issued a campus safety alert after several similar events on campus. The latest was Sunday night. Police say that twice on April 5th, students reported that a man described as 5'6", with a "round stomach," in a dark, four-door sedan with damage on the left side pulled up to them, and asked for directions.

Both women told police that when they got closer, the man pulled down his pants and exposed himself.

On Sunday night, police say a woman reported a man with the same description walked towards her, asked for directions, and then pulled his pants down.

Students said they didn't know how they would react if they encountered the man.

Darian Wright, a student, told us, "I would probably laugh and walk away. And then tell somebody. It's really awkward -- if somebody did that, I don't know what I'd do!"

Other students say they can't believe this is happening on their normally quiet campus.

"People act so inappropriatley," Elizabeth Lambert, a UK Freshman, said. "People just need to behave themselves."

Police believe all three cases are connected, and are still investigating.

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