UK professor lends a helping hand to storm victims after marathon is canceled

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Lexington, Ky. (WKYT) - A University of Kentucky professor is back on campus after spending the weekend in New York City. He was in town to run in the marathon but because it was canceled, he did what he could to help out.

Dr. Glen Mays runs two to three marathons a year, but had never experienced the New York City marathon, "It's one that I always had on my radar and was a race that i wanted to run at some point."

This wouldn't be his chance to run in the New York City Marathon.

"The last thing that we as runners would want to happen is to take away from that recovery efforts. So, I was also quite a bit relieved as well, " says Mays.

Without the marathon to run, Mays decided to step in with his family and thousands of other runners to help with recovery efforts after Superstorm Sandy.

"I certainly participated in helping to raise funds and to help collect resources that can be brought out to those other areas," adds Mays.

Mays wasn't able to travel to the hardest hit areas due to transportation, but was glad he could help out in some way, "I, overall left the experience feeling really heartened by the efforts I saw and heard no complaints from the 40,000 or so runners, who actually came to NYC before the event was called off."

Like many, this experience won't keep Mays from coming back to run next year, "I'm definitely going to go back next year to do it. Being there is New York City also really reminded me what a great city that it is."

It's not how Mays expected to spend his weekend in New York, but it's definitely a trip that he will always remember.

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