UK receives $12 million to reduce flooding in area where two women died

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK will spend $12 million to reduce flooding on campus. Much of the work will be done along Alumni Drive, near Nicholasville Road. It's the area where two women drowned during floods almost eight years ago.

The biggest goal of the project is to create an underground basin that will be used to collect storm water runoff and hold it until water levels recede, eventually releasing it into a nearby stream.

A parking lot is being built on top of that underground basin to replace the one being removed at the entrance of the Greg Page apartment complex.

The culvert where those two women were killed is also being upgraded. In 2006, Lauren Fannin and Lindsay Harp were swept away while trying to cross a flooded area near Nicholasville Road. Their bodies were found about half a mile from where they went into the water.

The projects manager said the grant application UK sent to FEMA mentioned both women. He says the area hasn't seen that type of flooding since 2006, but these improvements are needed.

"It's going to create a lot of better usable area in this whole end of campus, and as other projects come along with the expansion of the football stadium, it just falls in to place with those as well," says Project Manager Keith Ingram.

As part of that grant, UK has guaranteed that a stretch of the land along Alumni Drive will only be used to help alleviate flooding.

The project is supposed to be finished by April of 2015.

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