UK student accused of rape inside campus dorm

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A female student at the University of Kentucky told campus police on Saturday, that she had been raped in her own dorm room by another student she met at an off-campus party.

"It's very scary because I know the guy," reacted UK Freshman Tabitha Gould.

According to the police report filed, the student says the attack happened around 2:00 a.m. Saturday.

Gould cannot believe the guy she met is the same one who has been arrested for rape.

"He moved into our dorm after he got into a little trouble in another dorm. To me he's been a really cool guy, like fun to hang out with, always in the lobby, really nice. But I guess you never really know people."

"It's over near where I live so it's make me really nervous," added fellow Freshman, Emily Carpenter.

According to the police report, the victim told UK Police that 18-year old Simon Segal climbed into her bed and and proceeded to engage in non-consensual intercourse. In the report, the victim said she remembers the teen saying, "I want to make you feel better," and another statement indicating his intent.

The female told police she tried to stop Segal, but he pinned her neck down with his hand and forearm. A short time later the victim was unconscious, according to the report.

Ten hours later police found Segal and arrested him. Also in Segal's arrest report, police said alcohol was involved.

Word of the crime is shaking up the campus.

"It's very alarming!" exclaimed Carpenter, "I'm going to start locking my door and I don't want to walk anywhere by myself again now."

"It definitely changes the way I think about people who I've just met," said Gould.

Segal is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Lexington.

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