UK students aboard stranded Carnival Cruise ship

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Some UK students have found themselves stranded on spring break after another cruise ship malfuction.

Brittany Porter a third year pharmacy student and her friends were on the last leg of their cruise to the caribbean when the Carnival ship experienced a generator failure.

Passengers on board the Carnival Dream were asked to disembark the vessel in Saint Maarten after what officials call serious mechanical problems.

"They kind of kept us informed throughout the night, but around 11:30 they told us that it was bigger than they expected. I'm going to be honest I would rather be docked here in Saint Maarten than in the middle of the ocean. They let us off the boat today and we got to have another beach day," said Porter.

A Carnival spokesman says it has arranged for charter planes to take passengers home.

Porter says she is still not sure when that will be.

Just last month last the Carnival Triumph became stranded in the ocean for days creating what many called a nightmare situation on board

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